How it started
Confetti has been designing, producing and installing stickers, lettering, posters, paintings, furniture, sets, exhibitions and events for more than 33 years. Confetti started small in 1988 and has expanded over the years to become the company it is today.

How do we work?
From Rotterdam, Confetti produces independently and works with short lines within the organization. As a result, Confetti delivers an efficient construction method and high quality. Production has many disciplines: machining, design and assembly. The service department is ready to assemble your product (on location) professionally and quickly and to solve any problems.


Welcome to our Con'fetti Office. 

This is the team we work with, day in and day out, with the best projects. 

The Team

Monique Poldervaart-Morks
+31 6 12 50 88 11